Maxine Waters’ “Pimp” Got Her PI$$ED!





Oh poor Barry-0!  He got Maxine Waters p/o’d at him, because he refuses to bring his campaigning – uh – bus tour to her black gang infested ghetto Inglewood California.  Mad Maxi has gone on her typical vile racist anti white diatribe, accusing 0 of selling out to a racist white Tea Party.  Mad Maxi and her partners in crime Laura Richardson and Karen Bass keep beating their bongos over 0 stiffing the districts they “represent” supposedly.  Poor Maxi!  She now sees the true 0 in the Emperor’s new clothes!  Now she has her panties giving her a painful wedgie!  Oh my!

On a side note, 0 seems to be facing the wrath of others, while on vacation at Martha’s vineyard.  Even Shelley seems to not be amused at the moment.  At least 0 seems to be enjoying himself on his campaigning – uh bus tour – uh vacation.


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2 Responses to Maxine Waters’ “Pimp” Got Her PI$$ED!

  1. hybridtalk1 says:

    What does she expect. Barry has the Black vote locked up. Bunch of racists will vote for him because of his skin color.

    However Barry’s white voters are on the run, so this is his “White like me” bus tour. He is hoping to attract white voters who can’t read, or think for themselves, to come back to his side.

  2. Very good observation hybrid! Barry’s tour seems to be going against him.

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