What’s Shaking Guys?

What’s shaking everyone?  I thought I would check in with you, since earthquakes are not as common back east.  How many of you in Cleveland felt the 5.8 quake?  As a west coast quake veteran, 5.8 shakers don’t phase me at all; I’ve felt some big rockers in Southern California.  I hope no one got scared.


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3 Responses to What’s Shaking Guys?

  1. hybridtalk1 says:

    I was at work at the time and didn’t feel a thing, but the media has played it up quite a bit.

  2. I didn’t feel a thing either. At the time I was in my basement doing laundry. Although my daughter felt it in her office downtown. She said her desk and office were shaking. And surprisingly, I have friends who live in Virginia. E-mailed them to see if they were all right and they stated that they didn’t feel it either!

  3. Hacksaw says:

    As a guy who grew up in Southern California and spent a good deal of my adult life there, earthquakes are old hat to me. “Shakers” and their subsequent aftershocks don’t really bother me…they’re kinda frightening while they’re actually happening, but in reality I prefer them to most other natural disasters or extreme weather conditions like intense snow, monsoons, tornadoes, sandstorms, flash-floods & hurricanes.

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