Hanging With My Ol’ Buddy John Stamos

30 years flies by quickly.  I was out on Saturday night for my 30 year high school reunion.  We held our reunion at the Knotts Hotel in Buena Park California, after going through a few bumps planning for the reunion.  We did not expect to see one of our classmates at the reunion:  John Stamos.  On our 10th reunion in ’91, John had been on a film shoot, and couldn’t make it;  some of my friends thought he had snubbed it.  On our 20th, John’s dad was on his death bed, so John spent quality time with him the night before Bill Stamos died.  Again, a number of those same classmates thought he snubbed it.  This time, those same guys got the surprise of their life when John showed up!  One of my classmates told me at the door that John was looking for me;  I had arrived a bit late after leaving the Orange County Car Show;  I had been doing some test drives of 4 different vehicles earlier.

It was a blast, catching up with him.  Word got out to some people next to us having a wedding reception that John was in the hotel.  John made the bride’s day by having a picture taken with her; it was like the extra cream on top.

Enjoy the pic!


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12 Responses to Hanging With My Ol’ Buddy John Stamos

  1. Look at you! Going all “Hollywood” on us! LOL! The closest I ever came to a celebrity was being about 10 feet away from Yoko Ono and Little Richard at the Grand Opening of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

    • myfoxmystere says:

      Little Richard! Now that man has soul! Yoko Ono is a fairly decent visual artist…bad singer but a fair visual artist. I knew John since we were 9 years old; he always wanted to be an actor. He’s an old pal; just John to me…one of the guys.

  2. Hacksaw says:

    Cool picture, mystere!

    girlscout, you should’ve berated Yoko for breaking up the Beatles, but Little Richard is quite an entertainer. IMO, he was “Prince” before that musical genius out of Minnesota ever picked up a guitar, or wrote a single song!

  3. Yoko might have hastened the break up of the Beatles, but they were destined to go their seperate ways eventually.

    • Hacksaw says:

      I agree, any band with that much talent (and egos) is not built to last long term, without a few breakups, solo projects & personnel changes along the way.

      Now only Paul & Ringo are left, and one wonders exactly which one of them will be the last living “Beatle”.

  4. myfoxmystere says:

    I suspect Ringo will be the sole survivor; something about the underdogs surviving longer.
    Hacksaw, thanks for the complement. I’ve known John for many years; he’s a better person than the characters he plays. The media smeared him over his divorce; he wasn’t at fault.

    By the way, I just reloaded the picture with one where I fixed the exposure. It looks much better now.

  5. Well, Ringo is older than Paul, so……only time will tell. I have been a Beatles fanatic since I was 14! And Paul is, was, and always will be my HONEY! Retired guy knows that the only competition he has in this world is Paul! I threaten him all the time with the fact that Paul is available again! (although he recently got engaged). Hey, he’s not married YET, so there’s still a chance.

  6. myfoxmystere says:

    Oh rattrapper, so you pulled a fast one here while hanging out last time…teasing Girlscout? Hee hee hee. Now behave yourself (ha ha). Paul and Ringo are cool.

  7. Bummed out. Paul is getting married this week. Sigh. Oh well, Retired guy is safe for now……….

    • myfoxmystere says:

      Hey Girlscout, know any single women who have a crush on John Stamos? Who knows what will happen? You can tell them about this post (hee hee).

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