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  A pig was hanging out with a large group of Occupy Wall Street protesters when he saw a group of people walk by with a sign that read “A Gentleman is known by the company he keeps.”   The … Continue reading

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Clarence Thomas Has Made His Imprint on the Supreme Court

Liberal author, columnist & political commentator Juan Williams offers an objective view of Justice Thomas’ tenure on this Nation’s highest court. The two are longtime associates & friends, and anyone who has read the Justice’s outstanding autobiography “My Grandfather’s Son” … Continue reading

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Capitalism would have punished the bankers, not save them.

Capitalism would have punished the bankers, not save them.   So why are all these “Occupy [your city here]” people so crazed about Wall Street and Bankers and Jews? They are so uninformed that it is almost ridiculous but these … Continue reading

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Obama and the hurricane season.

Washington (DC) – Insiders of the Obama administration have broken their silence about President Obama’s connection to the 2011 hurricane season and how he was responsible for two hurricanes this year. The first hurricane that President Obama was responsible for … Continue reading

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Cain vs. Obama In 2012?

Liberal author & columnist Juan Williams explores the now plausible possibility of Herman Cain actually winning the GOP nomination, and challenging President Obama in 2012. That could be Obama’s worst nightmare, the notorious “race card” that helped propel him into Office … Continue reading

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