Obama and the hurricane season.

Washington (DC) – Insiders of the Obama administration have broken their silence about President Obama’s connection to the 2011 hurricane season and how he was responsible for two hurricanes this year.

The first hurricane that President Obama was responsible for was named Irene. According to insiders of the Obama administration, the President was attempting to use his powers to lower the sea levels. He knew it was a campaign promise of 2008 and his advisors thought it would be an appropriate time to use his trump card to gain public support.

Unfortunately the President’s efforts to lower the sea levels ended up producing hurricane Irene. As the President attempted to halt this experiment gone badly, he ended up drawing it in closer to his location in DC.

“My bad.” Was the President’s only public comment to the validity of these report.

The President felt terrible about what happened with his “lower the sea” experiment so to make it up to his people he tried again, but this time the result was hurricane Lee and worse, Lee headed for New Orleans. The President was able to guide hurricane Lee away from the city of New Orleans but understands that other import cities were hit by this wayward experiment in global weather control.

Insiders have also reported that the President is considering using this weather control ability to generate and direct hurricanes to disrupt the GOP 2012 Presidential Convention in Tampa Florida. Others have asked that he use his powers to direct a hurricane toward New York and the Wall Street area to wash away the filth of the Occupy Wall Street protesters. Locals claim the stench of their un-bathed condition and the defecations produced daily by the protesters.


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One Response to Obama and the hurricane season.

  1. mystere says:

    There’s another storm brewing: hurricane Perry…it will touch down on the 1st Tuesday of November 2012 in Chicago. Barry’s gang will be blown to the land of Ob, and Obumble will be the Wheezer of Ob!

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