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Jillian Warry-Barberie-Reynolds becomes a U.S. Citizen.

You may have seen her on Fox Sports as Jillian Barberie, the weather gal.  You may have seen her back in the early 90s in Miami as Jillan Warry (and in SoCal on Fox 11 as well), and if you’re … Continue reading

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Newt Gingrich Tells Occupy Protesters to “Take A Bath And Get A Job”

I wonder if it was wise for Newt Gingrich to say this.  After all, these are far left liberals.  Look at their bathrooms!

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Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez: Left Field Whackjob!

As many have heard, a left field whackjob has attempted to whack the “Annointed 0ne” along with his family.  This Mexican, 0scar Ramiro 0rtega-Hernandez, Swiss-cheesed the White House in a drive-by shooting.  He managed to crack the bullet resistant window, … Continue reading

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Missing George W. Bush

The author, a journalist who writes for a paper from our neighbor to the north, reviews “Decision Points” and looks fondly back on the influential Presidency of George W. Bush. Missing George W. Bush    by Alan Caruba It’s not fashionable … Continue reading

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OWS and the Ten Commandments

What if the adults at the various “Occupy Wall Street” protests had been given a biblical foundation as they were growing up? Suppose they were not prevented from knowing or learning the Ten Commandments? How might their lives be different? … Continue reading

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