Jillian Warry-Barberie-Reynolds becomes a U.S. Citizen.


You may have seen her on Fox Sports as Jillian Barberie, the weather gal.  You may have seen her back in the early 90s in Miami as Jillan Warry (and in SoCal on Fox 11 as well), and if you’re in Southern California on a visit, you will see her as Jillian Reynolds on Good Day LA.  Jillian has finally become an American citizen.  She took the leap of faith with a blessing from her husband actor Grant Reynolds…a Marine.  Usually, she appears out of control when her co-host Dorothy Lucey starts talking about sex at 6:58 in the morning; Lucey eggs her on to misbehave on camera.  When Loosey takes a day off, Jillian stays on good behavior, and shows professionalism.  But now, back to her oath.

Reynolds had started expressing her desire to become a citizen several years ago on Good Day LA, and asked for guidance from the public.  The public came through, and along with her cohosts Lucey and Steve Edwards, she studied seriously over a year to become an American.  Edwards tutored her on air at times, and kept encouraging her.  Reynolds along with 7000 others at the Los Angeles County Fairgrounds in Pomona became an American today at 9:17 AM Pacific Time.  Congratulations Jillian Warry-Reynolds!


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2 Responses to Jillian Warry-Barberie-Reynolds becomes a U.S. Citizen.

  1. sebassh says:

    The first thing she said to Steve the very next day was “I’m an American, now I can hump you” said that in front of millions on the air. So I guess she thinks she can have lots more sex because she took American citizenship.

  2. myfoxmystere says:

    Was Loose Dot on the set that day she said it, or was Loosey having a bad hubby day?

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