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Al Gore’s Current TV Fires Keith Olbermann

HA HA!!  Olbie just got his carcass fired by Al Gore!  Apparently, Olbermann has been kicking Al Gore and his left wing extremist Current TV in the gonads.  Apparently, Al got his balls kicked 1 too many times, and finally … Continue reading

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Caption This

I recently started goofing off with a few wacky images from the internet, and made one which I’ve used on my own blogs.  I thought you guys would like the first crack at captioning this before I post this on … Continue reading

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Will The Democrat Embezzler Kinde Durkee Plead Guilty?

The court case isn’t over until the FAT LADY pleads… Continue reading

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Who’s Waging A “War On Women” Now?

After being singled out for yet another personal attack by the President & his re-election campaign, (not a super PAC who supports him, but his official “2012” staff) who chose to make her the subject of their latest attack ad,  … Continue reading

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Conspiracy Theories Need To Be Laid To Rest

Earlier tonight, my sister came over to have dinner with me, and brought up an interesting chat about 2 friends of hers.  Her friend and husband expressed a concern over some possibility of an electrical strike that would supposedly wipe … Continue reading

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LACMA’s Journey To The Los Angeles County Museum Of Art

The 106 mile journey from the Jurupa Valley off Interstate Highway 15 in Riverside County to Los Angeles has finally ended. This 340 ton boulder traveled on surface streets at 3 MPH and made several stops along the way.  It … Continue reading

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Liberals, It’s Your Turn Now

The fetching & always fair Democratic columnist says liberals who led the charge against Rush Limbaugh for his recent comments about activist Sandra Fluke, now need to start holding their own side accountable for their numerous examples of misogynist statements, and … Continue reading

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