Conspiracy Theories Need To Be Laid To Rest

Earlier tonight, my sister came over to have dinner with me, and brought up an interesting chat about 2 friends of hers.  Her friend and husband expressed a concern over some possibility of an electrical strike that would supposedly wipe out the electronics in their cars.  Her friends expressed an interest in buying one of my old cars, thinking that the car wouldn’t get affected by some drone strike.

Here’s a thought that went through my mind:  NO CAR will be safe, no matter what.  For one thing, if some crazy thing were to happen, which I seriously doubt will happen, if anyone knows a thing or two about electronics, it would fry even the old style electrical components in an old car as well as a new one.  Electrical pulses don’t discriminate between old & new.  devices!  If it can fry modern devices, it will fry old ones as well.  So there goes the conspiracy theory about a grid wipe out!  If a so called pulse destroys the electronics in an new car, it can destroy an old one in a flash as well!

If my sister’s friends see this post, they will be quite disappointed, so if I don’t post anything on Twitter or this site for a while, PERHAPS AN ELECTRON PULSE BEAMED ME ONTO Enterprise?



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You can also find me on mystere's moonbat slayer club; I had to go as myfoxmystere since mystere was taken already! I'm on several Fox TV Blog sites as mystere.
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