North Carolina voters approve gay marriage ban; liberals say: ‘go kill yourselves, you redneck f*(ktards’

North Carolina voters approve gay marriage ban; liberals say: ‘go kill yourselves, you redneck fucktards’

Posted at 10:24 pm on May 8, 2012 by Twitchy Staff 


North Carolina’s Amendment 1 has passed 60-40. Apparently the massive majority of people in North Carolina who voted to define marriage as between a man and a woman are hateful bigots. That’s why the righteous tolerant liberals had to remind them all via Twitter that they’re backward rednecks with a stupid religion who should kill themselves!

Well done North Carolina, you bunch of idiotic fucktards!

Can I just kill everyone in North Carolina? 

Fuck the bigoted motherfuckers voting for Amendment 1. I hope you all get your dicks locked between two Legos.

Oh yeah and North Carolina can go suck my cock. Even if they would hate that. ESPECIALLY if they would hate that.

why is everyone surprised that amendment 1 passed? these hicks must have prayed to jesus and asked him to pass the bill.

Oh, fuck you, assholes in NC who voted for Amendment 1.

Are we really that shocked by North Carolina? Pretty sure they only abolished slavery in 2008. 

Fucking North Carolina.. backwards ass redneck hicks live here.. I would kill to get the fuck outta this shit hole place!

Congratulations to the people of North Carolina – you’ve proven your rednecks credentials.

People who voted for amendment 1<<<< ignorants . go kill yourselfs .


My heart just dropped!!! FUCK alllll the haters the Voted for Amendment 1!!!

… what constitutions should or shouldn’t do. Bottom line: If you don’t vote against Amendment 1 you’re a homophobic bigot shitface.

@TheniggaNavelle: I’m FOR Amendment 1”– kill yourself

To those who voted for amendment 1 in North Carolina, shame on you for your display of cowardice. Religion is not a platform for ignorance.

and its not helping my attitude that amendment 1 just got passed in NC. i will NEVER be a resident of NC…EVER!

To everyone in North Carolina who supported, campaign in favor of, or voted for Amendment 1: go fuck yourselves! 

if you live in north carolina and you vote yes on amendment #1 you’re a bigot and a dickhead

Who put up the amendment 1 in NC in the first place ? Oh right, it’s the white bigots there, not the blacks.

I would like to congratulate everyone who voted for Amendment 1. You now have the title of ignorant bigots in my book. Fuck every one of you

If you live in North Carolina you should go kill yourself. Because either you voted for Amendment 1 or you didn’t act to stop it. FUCK YOU.

fuck amendment 1, and all you fucking people who voted according to religion in a nation where church and state are supposedly separate.

Oh, the hateful people of my country. You are an abomination w/your profound disrespect for our nation’s founding principles 

People are dumb as fuck for passing amendment 1 because they didn’t want gay marriage it effected so much more than just that.— 
Big Lil Bro (@ThatRegularDude) May 09, 2012

So far the people in North Carolina can all kill themselves..

Good job fuckers. RT @Simm_City: It looks like Amendment 1 will pass.

To the 39% of people in North Carolina who voted against Amendment One today, please punch 1.6 people in the face tomorrow morning.

lol way to go North Carolina, you fucktards. 

Hey north carolina: kill yourself

Dear 58% of North Carolina voters: kill yourselves.

Anyone who voted for the law to pass in north carolina should go kill themselves now. 

North Carolina pass bill banning same sex union. Retarded backwards thinking inbred Christian hick fucktards!

Wow North Carolina…just kill yourselves.


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5 Responses to North Carolina voters approve gay marriage ban; liberals say: ‘go kill yourselves, you redneck f*(ktards’

  1. Hacksaw says:

    Is this the oft referenced “tolerance” that liberals are famous for?

    Funny, but I don’t recall all this outrage being directed at the residents of California when they passed a similar law….

    • myfoxmystere says:

      Hacksaw, google this, and you might come across an old post I did on my blogger blogsite mystere’s moonbat slayer club. Here’s the words to google: The Protest Isn’t Over Until…

      When it shows the site mystere’s moonbat slayer club, you’ll know you got the right site. I might have also posted it on MyFoxLA as well.

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  3. Homepage says:

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  4. About as tolerant as the conservative right-wing christians who want to put gays behind a fence and kill them? It goes both ways. There are wackos on either side.

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