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Free ObamaPhone: Facts and Fiction | Washington Times Communities Advertisements

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Originally posted on Fellowship of the Minds:
Most up-to-date update to date: The new link to the video is here Latest Update: I checked the video website at 6:45 pm PDT and found a message advising that the site…

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Secretary Clinton Made Decision Not To Post Marine Guards At Benghazi

In a display of fatal negligence that rivals the time when her husband’s 1st Defense Secretary (Les Aspin) refused the request of the U.S. commander on the ground in Somalia for armored vehicles in support of their mission which led … Continue reading

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I may not condone her vocation, but I agree with what she says here.

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Romney For Recovery

Four highly respected former Secretaries of State (Condoleezza Rice, James Baker, George Shultz & Henry Kissinger) have united to share their well informed opinions as to why the former Massachusetts Governor should become our next President, as opposed to re-electing … Continue reading

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Black Pastors At A Crossroad

Black pastors are dealing with a dilemna:  vote for 0bama or Romney?  Several things have struck raw nerves within their congregation:  first of all, 0bama has supported gay “marriage”, which the congregations don’t support.  Romney has taken a stand for … Continue reading

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