A Blogger Is Fighting For Her Life

http://marezilla.com/2012/11/roll-call-amusing-bunni-needs-us-right-now/ I have come across a plea for help from a person I correspond with on some of my blogs. Zilla Of The Resistance put out a plea for help for a blogger who is terminally ill with cancer. Amusing Bunni is a blogger who is suffering from stage 5 cancer, and has just a few weeks to 6 months to live. I http://marezilla.com/2012/11/roll-call-amusing-bunni-needs-us-right-now/posted a link to give you all some details. Zilla asked everyone who follows her blog for help, so I’m passing the link on for anyone to go to Zilla’s blog to do something for Bunni. Anything from kind words to financial help will lift Bunni’s spirits. The link is at the beginning of this post. If any of you guys here on the blog have created another personal blog, if you would like to link up to show support for Bunni, let Zilla know.  The link here is the link Zilla provided. http://marezilla.com/2012/11/roll-call-amusing-bunni-needs-us-right-now/ d. http://marezilla.com/2012/11/roll-call-amusing-bunni-needs-us-right-now/


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You can also find me on mystere's moonbat slayer club; I had to go as myfoxmystere since mystere was taken already! I'm on several Fox TV Blog sites as mystere.
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One Response to A Blogger Is Fighting For Her Life

  1. Bunni says:

    Thank you SO much Foxers! Zilla is wonderful for getting the word out about my plight! It’s so hard to keep up with all the great new blogs and people who care about me.
    God Bless you.

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