Radio Free America

When I was young we were told about a program called “Radio Free Europe” (RFE). The station’s primary purpose was to inform those held prisoner behind the Iron Curtain of Soviet Socialist ideology of what was known to the free world. When people in the USSR heard from their leaders that the potato crop was the greatest since the revolution, thanks to the central government’s handling of the people’s property, yet their experience was a potato famine and empty grocery stores, listeners of RFE knew that the reports from the government was just lies and propaganda.

In the former USSR the government controlled everything the people heard. Even the government churches had government monitors to ensure that the religious leaders stayed on the message of the revolution.

A few years ago we heard from our newly elected president that “If a Republican member of Congress is not punished on Fox News or by Rush Limbaugh for working with a Democrat on a bill of common interest, then you’ll see more of them doing it.”  This week we learned that the President is pushing to put “monitors” in TV and radio news rooms. As someone who lived through the cold war I get chills when I read that the President of the United States wants to put monitors (like those of the former USSR) in news rooms. Worse, the only place you learn about this move is today’s “Radio Free Europe” or what the President calls FOX news and Talk Radio. Thanks to those news outlets that have not been fully controlled by an overreaching executive branch of government we hear the words about how our country is doing better than any other generation, since the revolution, while our senses tell us that these reports are lies. Thanks be to “still” uncontrolled media outlets that tell it like it is. Those same media outlets that told America what would happen after Obama Care was implemented. Sure, the President and his controlled media said if we liked our current healthcare policy and our doctors we could keep them, and FOX and Talk radio said that wasn’t true. In the end, FOX and Talk radio reported the truth. They are today’s “Radio Free America”. My hope is that Americans won’t stand for the President’s plan to curb a free press with his News-room monitors.

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2 Responses to Radio Free America

  1. myfoxmystere says:

    Good to hear from you hybridtalk! Yes, we’re going to need to be vigilant to keep 0bama’s goonsquad out of the the radio and television stations. His goonsquad will ignore the Constitutional rights of conservatives and give liberals a pass over what they say.

  2. What on earth will you guys complain about in a few years when Obama leaves office?!

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