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Jeffrey Epstein found on floor of NYC jail cell with bruising on his neck – Chicago Tribune The cowardly liberal Jeffrey Epstein has tried to spank his monkey. Guards found him in his prison cell in a fetal position with injuries to his neck. It appears Epstein tried to jack himself off to avoid spending time … Continue reading

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What Is A MAMA’s Boy?

^^^See this guy above?^^^ What does MAMA stand for? Make America Miserable Again Robert Müëller and Peter Strzok are 2 examples of liberal MAMA’s boys. Their kind participate in Jeffrey Bleccchstink’s “pizza parties” and other orgies. Rösie is another example … Continue reading

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Google Allows Liberal Trolls To Harass & Bully Conservatives.

  Google continues to allow a vile troll to get away with harassment, while xe goes after my team’s blogs. Dervish Sanders and hir buttboys have gone after me and my team members, baselessly accusing us of harassment and other … Continue reading

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Media Tries To Smear President Trump Over Jeffrey Epstein’s Sex Crimes Arrest Liberals are on the attack again, using the guilt by association attacks against President Donald Trump. Liberals have falsely accused President Trump of being involved in Jeffrey Epstein’s child sex slave ring. Nothing could be further from the truth. … Continue reading

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Buttigieg staffer hopes for urine attack on GOP congressman – The American Mirror

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Alexandria Occasional-Cortex’s Latest Whopper: Illegal Mexican Women Drink From The Toilet Bowl

Alexandria 0ccasional-Cortex has been hitting the hooch again! Seriously? The Illegals have to drink from a toilet bowl? Alexandria, did you give them this toilet to drink out of? Perhaps you told them there’s grape juice in the bowl? Perhaps … Continue reading

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