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Radio Free America

When I was young we were told about a program called “Radio Free Europe” (RFE). The station’s primary purpose was to inform those held prisoner behind the Iron Curtain of Soviet Socialist ideology of what was known to the free … Continue reading

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Obama’s presidential FIRSTS!!!!

During the DNC convention the Democrat Party tried to convey the idea that someone else was in control of the Nation over the last four years. It was Bush, or it was Romney and their policies that were adding to … Continue reading

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Obama said high gas prices are evidence of his policies working.

So I guess that means he wanted the prices to go up and he wants to hurt the middle class. Put everyone in slavery to the government.

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where are the Fox8 Obama Lovers?

It would be nice to hear how the OBama lovers feel about their empty chair candidate. Are they happy when their candidates need help from the moderator so they don’t look as bad? Is “Hope and Change” all they thought … Continue reading

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PolarCzar, did you try to blow up my bridge?   So I wonder what ever happened to PolarCzar, and if he was one of the Occupy Wallstreet robots who sought to terrorize North East Ohio. After all, PolarCzar was a self-proclaimed Anarchist and that is what these guys … Continue reading

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Shocking truth about the Chevy Volt Remember how the government went after Toyota for supposed safety failures that their company knew about but hid? Remember the righteous indignation of the Obama administration at a company that was trying to kill their customers? Well look at … Continue reading

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OWS and the Ten Commandments

What if the adults at the various “Occupy Wall Street” protests had been given a biblical foundation as they were growing up? Suppose they were not prevented from knowing or learning the Ten Commandments? How might their lives be different? … Continue reading

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