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Well, I Guess I Won’t Be Taking That Trip To California Now

What the hell, California????    You’re in a budget hole, yet you vote against a ballot issue that could have saved your state tons of money??    I thought for sure Proposition 19 would pass, especially in a state like California.    Of … Continue reading

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Leave Meg Whitman Alone!!

Really, it’s a sad day in America when an overpaid bully like Gloria Alred uses a liar’s sob story to smear a gubernatorial candidate.     If you really want to see something great about this story, go watch Greta Vansusteren’s interview … Continue reading

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Dingbat Mary Taylor Told Businesses To Leave Ohio

As if Ohio’s gubernatorial candidate from Wall St., John Kasich wasn’t already enough of a dud on his own, now his running mate Mary Taylor really shot off her mouth.   Taylor, who used to be an accountant, admitted that she … Continue reading

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The Sound Strike

The federal government is in court this week, trying to block Arizona’s controversial new immigration bill, known as SB1070. Arizona has been hit with several lawsuits and dozens of business boycotts since the law was passed, and musicians have also … Continue reading

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Rage Against The Show Me Your Papers Law

I’ve already loved Rage Against The Machine forever, but now I love them even more.   I really gotta admire Zack de la Rocha and the other musicians who’ve joined the Sound Strike against Arizona’s racist law that’s soon to take … Continue reading

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Cleveland Leads The Way…In Becoming A Police State

That’s right folks.  The city already famous for the bullshit invasion of privacy known as red light cameras and school zone speed traps takes another page out of Orwell’s 1984 and comes up with yet another entrapment device.   This time … Continue reading

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WAAAAAAHHHH!! The Billionaire Took His Ball To Play In Another Yard

Even though I’ve been “away” for the past week or so, I haven’t totally been out of the loop of current events.   Really, I’m surprised that nobody already wrote about this.  And I’m kinda relieved because this story pisses me … Continue reading

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The monster won’t stop ‘till it lays waste to everything…

Truer words haven’t been spoken about the current state of employment and corporate America.    And today these words come to you from Rancid with This Place off their 2009 album “Let The Dominoes Fall”.

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Republicans Block Unemployment Bennies Right Before The Fourth

Wow, how patriotic!!   Nothing says “I love America” more than pulling the rug out from under those who are unemployed.  (rolls eyes)    And what’s even worse is a liar, like Dave Camp of Michigan. “Americans are not receiving their unemployment … Continue reading

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Bourgeoise Scum

That’s the word to describe our current GOP, Sharron Angle(lunatic, Nevada).    In her crash and burn televised interview, she had the nerve to once again attack the unemployed, keeping in step with the GOP.   Angle makes a claim of this … Continue reading

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