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Free ObamaPhone: Facts and Fiction | Washington Times Communities Advertisements

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LACMA’s Journey To The Los Angeles County Museum Of Art

The 106 mile journey from the Jurupa Valley off Interstate Highway 15 in Riverside County to Los Angeles has finally ended. This 340 ton boulder traveled on surface streets at 3 MPH and made several stops along the way.  It … Continue reading

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Hot Weather In Southern California?

“I wish They all could be CALIFORNIA GURLZ!”  Okay, several people noticed sports anchor and recently converted weather anchor Liz Habib’s wardrobe during her weathercast on KTTV Fox 11 In Los Angeles Friday August 5 2011.  I’m going to let … Continue reading

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Rattrapper’s My Fox Trappings: Obama’s Last Stand: His Bid to Jump-Start Economy Before 2012

Rattrapper’s My Fox Trappings: Obama’s Last Stand: His Bid to Jump-Start Economy Before 2012.  What kind of political stunt is this?  

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Annual National Donut Day!

MMM!  DONUTS!  MMM!  Remember that it’s National Donut Day!  Every 1st Friday in June, it’s time to enjoy the pleasures of having a twist, a jelly or cream filled pastry, or that round thing with glaze called a donut!  So … Continue reading

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American Narcissus

This outstanding but lengthy article accurately describes the utter arrogance of our President, and examines how he has always gotten by with far fewer qualifications & actual achievements than most others would need in order to attain his various titles. American Narcissus … Continue reading

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Bush, Come Back, Bush

The author discusses why many Americans are looking back with reverence for our Nation’s 43rd President. Bush, Come Back, Bush Why We Suddenly Miss Bush   by Victor Davis Hanson Various polls report that George W. Bush in some states … Continue reading

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