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HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE! Jesus Christ Has Risen Indeed! And this is no April Fools Joke! Advertisements

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Chris Matthews Freaks Out At Obama ‘What Was He Doing?’ ENJOY!

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Hitler Learns Mitt Romney Cheated On The Debate With 0bama

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Free ObamaPhone: Facts and Fiction | Washington Times Communities

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What Will Joe Biden Cluck?

As most of you know for the past 4 years, I’m an admitted heckler of Joey “The Talking Gaffe Chicken” Biden.  Whenever he caws out remarks such as “Romney will put y’all in chains” with a bad fake southern accent, … Continue reading

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LACMA’s Journey To The Los Angeles County Museum Of Art

The 106 mile journey from the Jurupa Valley off Interstate Highway 15 in Riverside County to Los Angeles has finally ended. This 340 ton boulder traveled on surface streets at 3 MPH and made several stops along the way.  It … Continue reading

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Morgan Brittany Speaks Out For Hollywood Conservatives

We all know Chuck Norris speaks out for Hollywood conservatives regularly.  We can now add Morgan Brittany to the list.  Just last night on Los Angeles Fox station KTTV Fox 11, Brittany came into the studios to comment on the … Continue reading

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