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Chris Matthews Freaks Out At Obama ‘What Was He Doing?’ ENJOY! Advertisements

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Hitler Learns Mitt Romney Cheated On The Debate With 0bama

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Free ObamaPhone: Facts and Fiction | Washington Times Communities

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What Will Joe Biden Cluck?

As most of you know for the past 4 years, I’m an admitted heckler of Joey “The Talking Gaffe Chicken” Biden.  Whenever he caws out remarks such as “Romney will put y’all in chains” with a bad fake southern accent, … Continue reading

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What’s Shaking Guys?

What’s shaking everyone?  I thought I would check in with you, since earthquakes are not as common back east.  How many of you in Cleveland felt the 5.8 quake?  As a west coast quake veteran, 5.8 shakers don’t phase me … Continue reading

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Maxine Waters’ “Pimp” Got Her PI$$ED!

Oh poor Barry-0!  He got Maxine Waters p/o’d at him, because he refuses to bring his campaigning – uh – bus tour to her black gang infested ghetto Inglewood California.  Mad Maxi has gone on her typical vile racist anti … Continue reading

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Obama’s is so low his shadow turns on him (via Right Truth)

Debbie Hamilton has a sense of humor:  you needs to go to her blog post to see the picture…SORRY GUYS, I’m going to make sure you see her post if you really want a laugh!  Here is her link: reading

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