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Obama’s presidential FIRSTS!!!!

During the DNC convention the Democrat Party tried to convey the idea that someone else was in control of the Nation over the last four years. It was Bush, or it was Romney and their policies that were adding to … Continue reading

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Obama said high gas prices are evidence of his policies working.

So I guess that means he wanted the prices to go up and he wants to hurt the middle class. Put everyone in slavery to the government.

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where are the Fox8 Obama Lovers?

It would be nice to hear how the OBama lovers feel about their empty chair candidate. Are they happy when their candidates need help from the moderator so they don’t look as bad? Is “Hope and Change” all they thought … Continue reading

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A Presidency Squandered

Victor Davis Hanson offers a stinging but accurate critique of the goodwill & opportunity that this President entered Office with, but has quickly wasted. A Presidency Squandered   By Victor Davis Hanson The Obama narrative is that he inherited the worst mess … Continue reading

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Chris Matthews Freaks Out At Obama ‘What Was He Doing?’ ENJOY!

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Hitler Learns Mitt Romney Cheated On The Debate With 0bama

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