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The Obama Doctrine: Leading From Behind

The brilliant Doctor Krauthammer discusses the possible reasons behind the President’s aversion to American exceptionalism, and her displaying leadership of any kind on a global stage. The Obama Doctrine: Leading From Behind      by Charles Krauthammer Obama may be moving toward … Continue reading

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America Deserves Libya Explanation

The fetching former Governor of Alaska uses her Facebook account to deliver a frank, brutally honest & hard hitting assessment of our President’s distracted style of governing, and asks the tough questions that very few reporters or pundits are willing to. … Continue reading

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The Outburst Heard ‘Round The World

Our notoriously thin-skinned Chief Executive had a hissy fit when a brave reporter (Brad Watson) dared to correct one of his numerous false statements with a historical fact, and he was recorded scolding Watson after the interview, which will most likely … Continue reading

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oh, that shutdown…

(Wahington) – Senate Democrats seeking to bankrupt the nation by spending every cent the next three generations of Americans earn have come out swinging today. Harry Reid, Senate majority leader said today, “Republicans want death panels to kill old people. … Continue reading

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Bush Was Right, Volume 202,964

The Obama Administration’s reversal on the subject of military tribunals at Gitmo for the 9/11 terrorists are just the latest example of how our 43rd President displayed impressive vision & wisdom, even if his successor will never admit it verbally – … Continue reading

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Will Muslims Issue A Fatwa Against Carl’s Jr. & Hardees?

The word is out! Carl’s Jr. and Hardees have brought out an under 500 calorie burger to the market. However, they have gotten some people upset with their ads. But, before I get into what’s happening, let me give you … Continue reading

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