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Seeing the Elephant

The author gives an honest assesment & some informed advice for any women seeking to join an Infantry combat unit.   Seeing the Elephant  by PETER FARMER   On Thursday, out-going Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta announced an end to … Continue reading

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Who’s Waging A “War On Women” Now?

After being singled out for yet another personal attack by the President & his re-election campaign, (not a super PAC who supports him, but his official “2012” staff) who chose to make her the subject of their latest attack ad,  … Continue reading

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Liberals, It’s Your Turn Now

The fetching & always fair Democratic columnist says liberals who led the charge against Rush Limbaugh for his recent comments about activist Sandra Fluke, now need to start holding their own side accountable for their numerous examples of misogynist statements, and … Continue reading

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Anthony Weiner’s Ex: He Lied to Me

The fetching columnist, political commentator & former girlfriend explains why she defended Congressman Weiner when this scandal first broke, and explores the depths of his betrayal & lack of respect for women in general. Anthony Weiner’s Ex: He Lied to Me Anthony Weiner’s … Continue reading

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It’s Above the Pay Grade of a Community Organizer

The author explains why it would be preferable if our President posessed considerably more hands on executive experience than his time as a community organizer, his 2 terms in the Illinois state Senate & a cameo appearance in the U.S. Senate before being … Continue reading

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Whitewashing Black Racism

The fetching author & conservative columnist discusses the hypocritical double standard when it comes to racism, and how both the White House & a compliant media is doing their best to ignore this blantant example of  racism displayed by the New Black Panther … Continue reading

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Catholic Math: Two Deaths Better Than One

Apparently it’s against the rules of the Catholic church to save a mother’s life.    Bishop and grade A douchebag Thomas J. Olmsted says, “An unborn child is not a disease … the end does not justify the means.”    So … Continue reading

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