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Illegal Murders Infant for Crying During World Cup

As disturbed as I was about Team USA’s loss to Ghana for the second straight World Cup tournament, I wasn’t half as upset about it as this guy was! It’s just more proof of two pressing issues in the news today:  … Continue reading

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Pledge of Allegiance Ban

This is soooo irritating.  First, it’s the veteran & his wife who are threatened with eviction if they don’t take down their American flag out of their window… & now schools are just completely banning American flags & the Pledge of Allegiance.    … Continue reading

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Polling Numbers Show Obama Exodus

Considering the numerous anti-Semites like Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, Rashid Khalidi, Tony Rezko, Louis Farrakhan & others who Obama chose to maintain long standing relationships with before he was elected, not to mention his bending over backwards to display subservience … Continue reading

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Skate Rock

Since skateboarding is such a popular topic here lately ;), this week’s music is gonna have skating as a common theme.   Starting us off today is SK8 Rock by Against All Authority.   So dump this on your ipod, grab your … Continue reading

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The ebb and flow of spaces

So I meant to post online after Colossalcon, but it appears I seriously procrastinated on that. So a few weeks late here is my colossalcon video. ——- I haven’t had alot of time to read “The God Delusion” but I … Continue reading

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The Chaos Factor

Best selling author & prime time ratings champion Bill O’Reilly discusses a few of the chaotic situations that the President is currently trying to deal with. The Chaos Factor   by Bill O’Reilly With apologies to Rod Serling and his … Continue reading

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Conservatives hate the unemployed

I decided to post this one mostly for the title.    Since so much inflammatory material calling Liberals “socialists”, “anti-semitic”, “Marxist” and so on has been posted recently.  Well, I like to return the favor.   Aside from that, a few really … Continue reading

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