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Illegal Murders Infant for Crying During World Cup

As disturbed as I was about Team USA’s loss to Ghana for the second straight World Cup tournament, I wasn’t half as upset about it as this guy was! It’s just more proof of two pressing issues in the news today:  … Continue reading

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Pledge of Allegiance Ban

This is soooo irritating.  First, it’s the veteran & his wife who are threatened with eviction if they don’t take down their American flag out of their window… & now schools are just completely banning American flags & the Pledge of Allegiance.    … Continue reading

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Polling Numbers Show Obama Exodus

Considering the numerous anti-Semites like Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, Rashid Khalidi, Tony Rezko, Louis Farrakhan & others who Obama chose to maintain long standing relationships with before he was elected, not to mention his bending over backwards to display subservience … Continue reading

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Skate Rock

Since skateboarding is such a popular topic here lately ;), this week’s music is gonna have skating as a common theme.   Starting us off today is SK8 Rock by Against All Authority.   So dump this on your ipod, grab your … Continue reading

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The ebb and flow of spaces

So I meant to post online after Colossalcon, but it appears I seriously procrastinated on that. So a few weeks late here is my colossalcon video. ——- I haven’t had alot of time to read “The God Delusion” but I … Continue reading

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The Chaos Factor

Best selling author & prime time ratings champion Bill O’Reilly discusses a few of the chaotic situations that the President is currently trying to deal with. The Chaos Factor   by Bill O’Reilly With apologies to Rod Serling and his … Continue reading

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Conservatives hate the unemployed

I decided to post this one mostly for the title.    Since so much inflammatory material calling Liberals “socialists”, “anti-semitic”, “Marxist” and so on has been posted recently.  Well, I like to return the favor.   Aside from that, a few really … Continue reading

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They’re Covering it Up, Not Cleaning it Up (via ConservativePunks)

Check out the Battlebitch’s blog! She hit the bullseye with this one…you can follow her on twitter (suziplasse). If you follow her, tell her I sent you! Don't think you don't have time to give 15 minutes to watch this … Continue reading

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Gone Too Soon

Today I’m doing something really, really rare.   I’m giving my usual punk post away to a non-punk artist.   It’s June 25th, just one year ago today, in a few hours the world changed forever when the King of Pop Michael … Continue reading

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Another Open Letter To President Obama

This one is from Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, who is constantly being lied to & gaffed off by our Chief Executive, whose responsibility it is to secure the pourous southern border that has placed her constituents in such peril. Our federal Government … Continue reading

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