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Jillian Warry-Barberie-Reynolds becomes a U.S. Citizen.

You may have seen her on Fox Sports as Jillian Barberie, the weather gal.  You may have seen her back in the early 90s in Miami as Jillan Warry (and in SoCal on Fox 11 as well), and if you’re … Continue reading

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Leave Meg Whitman Alone!!

Really, it’s a sad day in America when an overpaid bully like Gloria Alred uses a liar’s sob story to smear a gubernatorial candidate.     If you really want to see something great about this story, go watch Greta Vansusteren’s interview … Continue reading

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It’s Above the Pay Grade of a Community Organizer

The author explains why it would be preferable if our President posessed considerably more hands on executive experience than his time as a community organizer, his 2 terms in the Illinois state Senate & a cameo appearance in the U.S. Senate before being … Continue reading

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Rage Against The Show Me Your Papers Law

I’ve already loved Rage Against The Machine forever, but now I love them even more.   I really gotta admire Zack de la Rocha and the other musicians who’ve joined the Sound Strike against Arizona’s racist law that’s soon to take … Continue reading

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Justice Department Files Suit Against Arizona Immigration Law

Our Justice Department, under the direction of Attorney General Eric Holder and with the silent consent of  Barry Sotero nay,  President B. Hussein Obama cannot even be bothered to proceed with a case that the government won without opposition (the Election … Continue reading

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Illegal Murders Infant for Crying During World Cup

As disturbed as I was about Team USA’s loss to Ghana for the second straight World Cup tournament, I wasn’t half as upset about it as this guy was! It’s just more proof of two pressing issues in the news today:  … Continue reading

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Another Open Letter To President Obama

This one is from Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, who is constantly being lied to & gaffed off by our Chief Executive, whose responsibility it is to secure the pourous southern border that has placed her constituents in such peril. Our federal Government … Continue reading

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