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Gosh I miss Gorbash!!

Hello all! Two stories have dropped that may blow big holes in the anthropogenic global warming argument — one of which is literally sky-high.  Forbes reports on a peer-reviewed study that uses NASA data to show that the effects of … Continue reading

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What party wants to dictate?

This is RICH! From the party that has dictated what light bulbs we can buy and use, and the healthcare we will have or not have. From the political party that is demanding companies hire workers they won’t be able … Continue reading

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Obama votes Against raising the debt ceiling.

Obama: Not Always a Fan of Upping Debt Ceiling January 3, 2011 12:50 P.M. By Katrina Trinko While President Obama’s economic advisor Austin Goolsbee argued Sunday that a refusal by the Senate to increase the government’s debt ceiling (currently $14.3 … Continue reading

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President Obama is optimistic

Today, President Obama told the press that two things are giving him reason to be optimistic about his reelection in November 2012. The first was a report from the CBS news room where they found 88% of those responding to … Continue reading

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Wish they were still with us today.

  What happened to Casey Jones and Polar Czar, the lovers and promoters of Liberalism and Obamaism? They were really on to bash Bush, and then tell us how Obama was going to save us from all the BUSH failures. … Continue reading

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The lost interview question.

A lost question from Scott Pelley of CBS News when he interviewed President Obama.   Pelly: President Obama did you really believe you would be able to lower the level of the seas?   President Obama: That is an interesting … Continue reading

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Where Is Polar Bear?

I am starting to post a few “where is” posts.  I haven’t heard from some of you in a while…what’s up?  Did you go somewhere fun?  Did you get a real cool pet?  See something funny or wacky at work?  … Continue reading

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