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“Morning Joe” Wakes Up

The RINO that is Joe Scarborough has finally admitted what we knew & tried to warn starry-eyed, “hope & change” chanting Americans about all along – that the woefully inexperienced, evasive junior Senator form Illinois was in no way prepared … Continue reading

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NAA(L)CP Shows It’s True Colors

Just like when they refused to condemn the racist campaign ad which featured African American Congressman Allen West sporting a gold tooth (he does not have one) wearing boxing gloves & punching white women & elderly people, which helped in … Continue reading

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A Presidency Squandered

Victor Davis Hanson offers a stinging but accurate critique of the goodwill & opportunity that this President entered Office with, but has quickly wasted. A Presidency Squandered   By Victor Davis Hanson The Obama narrative is that he inherited the worst mess … Continue reading

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Clarence Thomas Has Made His Imprint on the Supreme Court

Liberal author, columnist & political commentator Juan Williams offers an objective view of Justice Thomas’ tenure on this Nation’s highest court. The two are longtime associates & friends, and anyone who has read the Justice’s outstanding autobiography “My Grandfather’s Son” … Continue reading

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Cain vs. Obama In 2012?

Liberal author & columnist Juan Williams explores the now plausible possibility of Herman Cain actually winning the GOP nomination, and challenging President Obama in 2012. That could be Obama’s worst nightmare, the notorious “race card” that helped propel him into Office … Continue reading

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Black Tea Partiers Meet In Houston

Disregarding the common misconception (of the left, that is) that the tea party movement is comprised solely of angry white people who oppose our President merely because he’s half Black and not because of his reckless spending, a group of African … Continue reading

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Bias & Censorship On Display

The senseless decision to terminate Juan Williams after more than a decade of employment just because he expressed an honest, personal opinion that many Americans happen to agree with has left no doubt about NPR’s unforgiving left wing bias. Kudos … Continue reading

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