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NAA(L)CP Shows It’s True Colors

Just like when they refused to condemn the racist campaign ad which featured African American Congressman Allen West sporting a gold tooth (he does not have one) wearing boxing gloves & punching white women & elderly people, which helped in … Continue reading

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Our National Debt Continues To Grow

To see how fast our debt keeps growing, I have supplied this visual aid:  the 0bama Chia Pet.  As you watch the “hair” growing, think of it as the debt.  The more green it becomes, the more money is being … Continue reading

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Link to the old site Remember the old site before this one? I’m providing a link to see some oldies but goodies blogs. Enjoy!

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A Blogger Is Fighting For Her Life I have come across a plea for help from a person I correspond with on some of my blogs. Zilla Of The Resistance put out a plea for help for a blogger who is terminally ill with cancer. Amusing … Continue reading

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