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Bergdahl Charged with Desertion

The U.S. Army announced in a news conference today that Bowe Bergdahl will officially be charged with desertion, and the next steps that will be a General court martial. Bergdahl charged with desertion Fox News military analyst Tony Shaffer, who is … Continue reading

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ISIS Seizes Saddam’s Chemical Weapons Stockpile

But wait – I thought that Saddam Hussein didn’t have any WMD, and the whole war in Iraq was based on a lie…. ISIS Seizes Saddam’s Chemical Weapons Stockpile     by Jim Hoft ISIS terrorists have seized Saddam Hussein’s chemical weapons … Continue reading

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“Morning Joe” Wakes Up

The RINO that is Joe Scarborough has finally admitted what we knew & tried to warn starry-eyed, “hope & change” chanting Americans about all along – that the woefully inexperienced, evasive junior Senator form Illinois was in no way prepared … Continue reading

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At Least a Dozen Domestic Terrorists Teaching at American Colleges

The author identifies at least 12 domestic terrorists who are currently teaching or lecturing at various American colleges. If the surviving Boston Marathon bomber is not put to death for his part in that heinous crime, he may very well … Continue reading

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Clinton’s Sins Falling on Kerry

In yet another case on “Be careful what you wish for”, John Kerry, who has craved the Secretary of State job for years, has finally attained it but will find it much rougher sledding, minus the blanket approval & covering … Continue reading

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Seeing the Elephant

The author gives an honest assesment & some informed advice for any women seeking to join an Infantry combat unit.   Seeing the Elephant  by PETER FARMER   On Thursday, out-going Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta announced an end to … Continue reading

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NAA(L)CP Shows It’s True Colors

Just like when they refused to condemn the racist campaign ad which featured African American Congressman Allen West sporting a gold tooth (he does not have one) wearing boxing gloves & punching white women & elderly people, which helped in … Continue reading

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