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Planned Parenthood Demonstration 2017 Orange California

This is a demonstration against Planned Parenthood in Orange California.  Orange is one of the cities in North Orange County California.  Conservative Pro Life groups organized this rally.  Notice that this rally is peaceful, not blocking any traffic, and respectful … Continue reading

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Ann Coulter Saw This Coming

Kudos to Ann, who predicted just such betrayals like the ones we’ve seen this week by Chief Justice Roberts, way back when he was first nominated for the High Court in the early days of President Bush’s 2nd term.  First … Continue reading

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Well, I Guess I Won’t Be Taking That Trip To California Now

What the hell, California????    You’re in a budget hole, yet you vote against a ballot issue that could have saved your state tons of money??    I thought for sure Proposition 19 would pass, especially in a state like California.    Of … Continue reading

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